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Welcome to December, folx.

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The TL;DR:

  • News: Ransomware, iPhone bugs, IBM warnings…

  • Events: OWASP Devslop Game Day, Surviving Infosec Webinar, BIC Winter Conference

  • Jobs: Literally all the jobs, I went ham.

  • Scholarships, Podcasts and more

Checking In

Happy Friday Everyone!

We made it to the last month of the year! Insane. 2020 has been…nuts, to put it mildly. Nevertheless, I remain grateful to the amazing things that have happened and to each and every one of you who subscribe and read this newsletter. (Gang, gang).

Anywho, quick FYI - I am doing an AWS Solutions Architect Study Group for anyone interested in getting this certification. Monday’s I will do live study session on Twitter/Periscope, Twitch, Youtube. I will be doing AWS practice labs for my patreon members. And Sundays will be a zoom call for mini-practice tests. If interested, sign up and see you soon!

Enjoy the newsletter! See you next time!

~ Dominique ~

This Week’s Cybersecurity News

Here’s the cyber tea for this week. Want your news in audio format? Check out our latest podcast episode. Also available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

Ransomware Group Steals 2M Credit Cards, Shut Downs South Korean Retailers

The Clop ransomware group is at it again. On Thursday, the gang claimed that it stole 2 million credit cards from South Korean retailer E-Land over a one-year period, in a campaign that culminated with a ransomware attack on the company’s headquarters in November. Operators of Clop ransomware reportedly said that they were responsible for the November attack that forced E-Land — a subsidiary of E-Land Global — to shut down 23 of its New Core and NC Department Store locations.

iPhone Bug Allowed for Complete Device Takeover Over the Air

Researcher Ian Beer from Google Project Zero took six months to figure out the radio-proximity exploit of a memory corruption bug that was patched in May. Details tied to a stunning iPhone vulnerability were disclosed by noted Google Project Zero researcher Ian Beer. Apple patched the vulnerability earlier this year. But few details, until now, were known about the bug that could have allowed a threat actor to completely take over any iPhone within a nearby vicinity. The hack could of been performed over the air without even interacting with the victim’s device.

IBM warns hackers targeting Covid vaccine 'cold chain' supply process

IBM is sounding the alarm over hackers targeting companies critical to the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, a sign that digital spies are turning their attention to the complex logistical work involved in inoculating the world's population against the novel coronavirus

Companies need to be more proactive on cyber security measures

As the Covid pandemic has brought about a sea change in the operations of most companies with work from home becoming the trend over the past 8-10 months, cyber security experts are of the view that several companies still need to be more proactive in terms of strengthening their systems against cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Events Happening Around The Globe

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Cyber / Tech Job and Opportunities

Go secure that bag! The jobs posted here I have either been directly contacted to post or have come across them in my network. Either way, apply anyway even if you don’t check every box. Click the pink links to apply.

  • Role: Application Security Engineer | Company: Zoom | Apply here

  • Role: Data Engineer | Company: Zoom | Apply here

  • Role: Infrastructure Security Engineer | Company: Github | Apply here

  • Role: Infrastructure Security Engineer | Company: Github | Apply here

  • Role: Security Administrator | Company: RxBenefits, Inc. | Apply here

  • Role: Co-op / Internship - Cyber Physical | Company: Grimm | Apply here

  • Role: DFIR Analyst (US Remote Available) | Company: Splunk | Apply here

  • Role: Cybersecurity Media Strategist | Company: Mission North| Contact to email Shannon Hutto

  • Data Science Fellowship

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